11. Teenagers feel emotions twice as intensely as adults, and this is a developmental fact. Intense emotional responses can impact their behavior, and so parents need to encourage teens to have appropriate outlets for emotional tension. Physical activity is particularly effective. Leave a comment

drug abuse facts I love the guitar and organ intro to Virginia. It is a dialog song with a great, memorable chorus. The subject is well known among the late night bar crowd. It is a song of loneliness and hanging on to the last available companion for the night. The lyrics and melodies of this song are excellent.

substance abuse faces If this isn’t the first time, but you’re committed to trying again, don’t stop with the teary apology, make-up gifts or weekend reconciliations which may have followed the last episode. Seek professional help, join a support group and lay out a plan to measure your progress toward renewed trust. Just as important, commit yourself to exactly what you will do in the event your spouse strays again – and make sure your spouse understands what you will do, and that your spouse has no doubt you will follow through.

Although I was not there, I am almost certain of what happened. Here are the facts. Dr. Gates had a long flight from China. I have made that flight numerous times and I know how tiring and even stressful it can be. He is frustrated and angered that he cannot get into his house. But there is a deeper anger deep within the psyche of Dr. Gates that is in all of us Blacks. There is a black rage that lingers from centuries of abuse and injustice. That anger is compounded by the frustration that Dr. West’s definition of Black is all too real to those of us who would like to think that we can transcend that trap. Surely it must have been devastating for that reality to hit an already tired and stressed Black Professor.

Baldness can be caused by disease. There are diseases such as the ones caused by pathogens such as bacteria and fungi. These pathogens can attack the skin on the scalp such that they cause some scars and abscesses which will cause hair loss and hair patches. This kind of baldness can be cured by using drugs such as Ketoconazole. This drug is very effective at eliminating pathogens and the toxins they secrete thus reducing hair loss and baldness. Other pathogens can enter the body such that they secrete toxins in the blood when these toxins come into contact with hair follicles they cause them to shrink resulting in increased hair loss and baldness. Antibiotics can be used to treat these diseases and stop loss of hair.

addiction treatment center is a scary topic; one we wish we never had to know about. Some might long for the days when addiction was just an inner city problem, the kids who were troublemakers, school drop-outs, people who weren’t in our circle, our society or in our family.

alcohol abuse facts Sex and substance abuse often go together. Twenty-five percent of sexually active students in grades 9-12 say they used alcohol or drugs before their latest sexual encounter. Source: Centers for Disease Control.

The Truth: Not everyone drinks, and certainly not everyone gets drunk on a regular basis. Most people drink on occasion and do not drink until they are drunk.

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