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If you are interested in history and a little tradition then this year make your holiday base by booking Alicante villas for rent.

The area of Alicante as well as the surrounding areas has been populated for many centuries, starting with the hunter gathers that came down from northern Europe. As you move forward a few centuries the Phoenician, Greek and Roman civilizations made an appearance in the area.

The first settlements in the area were situated near the water with caves nearby. This was just in case of an attack; they could run to the caves and hide. The Benacantil Mountain, Serra Grossa, Albufereta and Benalua were chosen as settlement sites. The height of these places gave them a distinct advantage when being attacked.

It wasn't until the Moors arrived on the scene that these first settlements started to become little cities with their own political and social accoutrements. The Moors were defeated in 1246 by Alfonso X, but it wasn't until 1308 that Jamie I completed its incorporation into the Kingdom of Valencia.

Later on the title of City was to be granted by King Ferdinand in 1490. Alicante became one of the most profitable trading ports in Europe at this time but there was still a lot of turmoil ahead for this little port.

The turmoil started in 1691 when Alicante came under siege by the French armada during the reign of Charles II; the city was bombarded for seven days.

In what seems like the next day Alicante became involved in the Spanish Succession War starting in 1701 to 1714. Unfortunately Alicante chose the Bourbons side to fight on; as a result the Santa Barbara suffered a certain amount of destruction when the English bombarded it.

From 1804 t0 1814 what is known as the Peninsular War was fought, they used Alicante villas for rent as the provisional capital while Valencia was occupied by Major General Suchet.

In the 18th century Alicante spent time licking its wounds from the recent wars but the 19th century was when Alicante began to show its muscles in trading.

In 1858 the railway arrived in Alicante, giving it ease of access to the entire peninsula for shipping products from its port. As a result, Alicante became a leading port with a cosmopolitan atmospheric and loads of maritime traffic. Today much of Alicante's income no longer comes from the port area but rather from a completely different source: the tourist trade.

The traditions from all over Spain are much the same as Alicante with a few exceptions which you will find out about when you arrive at your rental property. There are a number of traditional festivities celebrated here and only here such as the St. John Bonfires which occurs at the end of June.

The locals built large wooden and cardboard figures which are then judged as they are placed along the street. Then at the allotted time they are set on fire allowing them to burn to the ground, but always beginning with the one in last position.

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