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This year you have chosen to book your apartments in Alicante: a modern Mediterranean city that fits in nicely with its older part.

If you bring the family with you don't worry about keeping them busy as there is something here for everyone no matter what their age or taste are. Situated in the lovely Costa Blanca on the Mediterranean what else would you expect but an excellent holiday destination.

This typically Spanish city is just waiting for you to discover all it has to offer starting with its medieval castle of Castillo de Santa Barbara to its museums where you can trace the history of this lovely place back to its beginnings.

Behind the city is a magnificent mountain range and in front is the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean that gently roll upon the white sandy beaches of Alicante. When you add the friendly local population to this scenario what else could you ask for?

When making arrangements for your journey to Alicante it's easy to reach as the international airport is only eight kilometres from town centre.

You can ride the bus into town or take a taxi if you haven't hired a car at the airport. Whatever you do the public transportation service here is excellent and it actually runs on time to just about any place in Spain.

Alicante was originally called Lucentum or the City of Light by its founders, the Romans which have been rediscovered just outside town. This archaeological site is a good place to spend the day exploring what the area was like those centuries ago when the Romans ruled this part of Spain.

If you have a hire car a good place to spent at least part of your apartments in Alicante holiday is in the little mountain villages just a short drive down the road.

These little villages possess what we are all looking for and that's the true Spanish way of life along with an atmosphere that draws you into them. When you get to one of these little places stop at a bar and the locals will be more than happy to share the history of their beloved village with you; they are proud of where they live.

It's amazing: once you enter one of these little places you will feel as though the weight of the world has been lifted from your shoulders.

Now that you know what to expect on a day out in the countryside you have the rest of the time to plan your attack on what the city has to offer.

Besides the medieval castle there are a number of religious historical monuments, museums and other historical buildings that sit side by side with the more modern part of Alicante.

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