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Steve Bruce continues to fight an uphill battle to win any friends on Tyneside but the bottom line is this is a solid finishing place for the Magpies. The result saw Ingolstadt drop to the bottom of the table, replacing Hamburg, who picked up a point in a goalless draw at Borussia Moenchengladbach. Euro 2020: Who could England play in the round of 16? “We didn’t play well and showed a bad attitude,” fumed the Bayern boss. That seems pretty mad for a first offence, but I suppose if you’re going to get yourself sent off for the first time after all these years you might as well do it with your cock (or indeed prick) all the way out, and fair play. He oozed class as they made the ideal start in a difficult fixture with Germany, combining well with N’Golo Kante and spraying passes all over the place.

Paulo Dybala hit a brace as champions Juventus underscored their Serie A title credentials only eight games into the campaign with a battling 2-1 win over Udinese on Saturday. Bosnia international Dzeko faced huge criticism last season when he struggled to score eight goals in 31 appearances for the Giallorossi. Starting as a sub, he came off the bench to score the 90th-minute equaliser that took the game into extra-time and then spent most of extra-time falling to the ground and generally making a nuisance of himself before eventually antagonising the world’s greatest player to the extent that he smacked him in the head. “It’s not easy to win at Napoli and to score three goals here, we did very well,” Dzeko told Sky Sport. “We’re only in October, there’s still a lot to play for,” he told Sky Sport. If you think that your shoes are too narrow, you are likely to have a lot of injuries related to your feet, including bruising, aching arches, blisters, and even awkward walking and running. That’s because a lot of the country’s more experienced players are likely to have either moved on or retired by 2022, leaving the field open for any young blood hoping to make waves.

Footwork on the field makes or breaks plays throughout the game, and that’s what you work so hard for. Because Sacha hurt his ankle at Garry’s basketball game, he got protection from an insurance plan that allowed us to, uh, account for our hiatus. Villalibre also had a magnificent game, by the way. Hilariously, it needed VAR to actually get Messi sent off for his “conducta violenta,” which might also go some way to explaining why he’s never been sent off for Barcelona before. Lionel Messi recently won a record 6 Ballon d’Or award as he continues to captain both FC Barcelona and the Argentina national team. Lionel actual bloody Messi for finally at long last losing his head in the 120th minute of his 753rd game and getting the first red card of his quite decent club career. A fun part of Messi getting his first red card for Barcelona after all these years is that there are layers and layers of subtext for people to get all beard-strokingly obsessed about. Every year, there are a few players who go completely out of their minds the last month of the season and usually get drafted way to soon as a result the following season.

Or covid in some way maybe? With the way Spurs are playing I would expect Arsenal to beat them, but Liverpool and City are a different kettle of fish and will raise their game for the Emirates, and there could yet be another draw on the cards. There are few things more embarrassing in English football than clubs trying to claim the Community (or Charity) Shield as a legitimate piece of silverware, yet really it should be. In 2008 when he won a libel suit against a British tabloid, he donated the money to a charity in the Portuguese archipelago where he was born. As an aside to the aside to the aside here, Super Cup is a much better name for this kind of thing than Community (or indeed Charity) Shield. Other countries have got the right idea; not just a cup but a Super Cup. He’s got a bit of Patrick Bamford or Dominic Calvert-Lewin about him.

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