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The celebrities will endure strenuous physical activity and military-inspired challenges in order to test their true character. An example of tracking a digital footprint is when Omocoro, a Japanese media company, conducted a test where they send one of their journalists out in the crowded Shibuya metropolis in search of four Twitter users. A users Twitter feed can be fully integrated into many social media platforms. The pages; ‘home’, ‘connect’, ‘discover’, and ‘me’ are where people have the option to scroll through their feed to read and click what from their followed choice they’d like to attend to. Tumblr allows users to integrate their Twitter feed onto their blog page, while Facebook allows tweets to appear as statuses. When people use websites such as Twitter they are constantly posting information about themselves and the locations they have recently visited, and this can cause issues with privacy. 2) Though people may think that they aren’t giving out any incriminating information out on the internet on websites like Twitter, little clues can be given away about a persons habits.

TechCrunch, 2012) Though this may be a lot of people, one of its direct competitors Facebook, has over 1.1 billion active users, recorded since March 2013. (Yahoo News, 2013) The average person on Twitter has around 208 followers, found from a study by Beevolve, a social media-marketing firm. As many social media forums do, Twitter allows for the interaction of conversation and online interaction. Twitter’s foundation is a cooperative sharing of information and interaction between users: the extent to which users exchange, distribute and receive content (Keitzmann et al 2011, p. The relationships block of social media, represents the extent that users can be related to each other, which usually means this association would lead them to converse. This means a user can simply read a tweet on their feed, or click ‘retweet’ in order for the information to be tweeted on their behalf, ‘share the tweet’ linking this information to other forms of social media such as Facebook, or ‘favorite the tweet’, saving the information onto their own page in a file formatted for other uses to access as a view of what has been of favor from that user.

Tumblr originated in 2007 and took on the hashtag as a means for searching topics amongst all Tumblr blogs. Instagram originated in 2010 and did the same; they used the hashtag as a search engine for finding photographs. Once people were used to the hashtag and its occurrence had become common, they started including the hashtag in their facebook posts. As facebook had not integrated the hashtag yet, it seemed defunct and pointless. Facebook gave its users what they wanted and it is now an integrated feature. The term ‘tweet’, used to describe the post in which users create under their account, contains up to 140 characters acting from the play on words of a bird’s twitter. Privacy is a big issue on the internet, and in this modern age we need to be careful which information we post. This is difficult for twitter to prevent, though is an issue with privacy which users need to be wary of.

Twitter being the Internet sensation that it is has not gone without it’s fair share of influences on other social media platforms. In other words, instead of giving us the natural progression of gaming – as they did with “Ocarina” – it’s as if they feel that just giving us what we’ve already experienced, with some funky new control set-up – is good enough. Johnson, 2012) Though it may not be this straight forward in real life, creating your digital footprint can lead to you giving away important information about yourself, and can be used as a tool for stalking. In hundreds of cases the government’s new labour dispute committees are still taking many months to hear cases – and may still fail to ensure payment when companies will not or cannot pay. Trending topics are the topics most popular at the most present time, a.k.a the most tweeted about. Twitter allow users to see what’s trending in the world, or their hometown, at that exact moment.

Hollis Thomases (2010, p 61) explains that Twitter was a strong tool for her small business through it allowing her to “to build brand awareness, publicize my company, tout job openings, and conduct networking”. 12) explains for reasons in which individuals use Twitter.. When users decide to interact for the common reasons listed, they log onto their Twitter account and choose whom it is they’d like to follow. On the opposite of this, social media platforms can also be themselves integrated into Twitter. You can also choose those with spikes instead of the coils because the former tend to work better than the latter. Throuth their findings, general users were described as “young adults, slightly more female than male, and likely to visit pop culture websites.” (Thomases, 2010, p 40) Twitter allows these companies to reach these demographics easily, and it is seen as a strong medium of marketing because it is seen as an “electronic form of work of mouth”. Firms such as Quantcast are used to research the demographics using Twitter, which is vital information when marketing a brand or product.

While on talkSPORT, he said: I’ll start this off and I think they are getting way over-hyped. I said everything I was expected to say, but not everything I think. The conversations block of the framework is also related, and represents the extent that these people are communicating with each other. It represents the extent the users form communities and sub-communities online using the social media. Twitter has accumulated over 500 million users since its inception in 2006, with under 200 million currently active users. The Twitter platform is making an impression on Facebook, leading it to take on a more ‘Twitter’ approach to social media; engaging users in a general conversation rather then separate interactions. The more friends someone has on the website, then the more ‘social’ the network becomes. George’s debut signature sneaker instantly became one of the brand’s best rollouts, as players around the league and gyms nationwide quickly adopted it, and PG had his own endless range of flavorful player-exclusive editions. Referencing the sport of football will, for most Americans, conjure images of the National Football League (NFL) and collegiate football. You can easily watch live football through internet by using a software solutions designed by different companies.

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