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There are several helpful hints on how to play slot machines. However, along with the helpful come those that are not necessarily reasonable. We are going to look at one particular strategy in this article so you can figure out how you want to play the slots. Have you ever heard the term “loose slot gmae slot game machines”? If you have heard of these then you will understand the strategy we are about to discuss.

A ‘loose slot machine’ is considered one that pays back about 97 to 98 percent of the wagers. For example if you wager a hundred dollars in one machine you should get a return of at least 97 percent. It can be very difficult to find the ‘loose slot machines,’ but that is something you should be looking for. Sometimes if you ask the casino personal in a land casino they will tell you which machines tend to pay out more, but don’t always trust their word.

Here are a few things you should be looking for:

You want to play the progressive jackpot machines. These tend to be a little looser in the payout over time.

You should also look for progressive jackpots that have paid out recently. In other words look at the records for the jackpot winners. This will tell you the frequency a machine tends to payout.

When you learn the slot machine you are going to play you will discover where the progressive jackpot starts. If you walk into a casino and see a jackpot for $10,000 coins and that is the starting jackpot, look at the history to see if it was won recently. Chances are it probably was. This will give you an idea on which machines tend to have a looser payout.

You will also want to research the slot machines online. Online slot machines tend to be a lot better for payout and winnings than those in the land casinos. One of the reasons for this is that the online casino wants your business; therefore they are going to try and tempt you into playing with an offer of higher payouts.

Not all slot machines will be easy to find when they are considered loose. Your only other option in this case is to look for the play. Walk around the casino floor for a little while. Stand and watch some of the individuals playing the machines. Chances are those who are winning off of a certain group will attract more players around the carousel. You will also see a lot of happy faces walking away. You will want to stay near these machines and wait for an opening. You don’t have to win the jackpot to get some pretty great returns. The idea is for you to find one that pays out more often than it doesn’t. For example if you make five cents, lose five cents, make five cents in a vicious cycle you need to switch machines, for one that pays out $1 and loses five cents every five turns.

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