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Structural Insulated Panels are an insulated panel development system consisting of expanded polystyrene insulation laminated between sheets of structural sheathing. This simple sandwich panel varieties an amazingly strong insulated panel for building walls, roofs and floors for sip homes or commercial buildings.

When building a new construction, homeowners and building professionals are concerned over the potential for mold growth. Mold problems in constructions are usually directly related to a moisture problem. Widespread moisture problems are the results of water leaks and/or the lack of attention to flashing and building details. The molds of concern to the building industry get their nutrients from the starches and sugars in wood and paper products. The OSB facings of structural insulated panels are natural and could possibly be attacked by mold in the presence of excessive moisture. Nonetheless, SIPs could be treated with a coating that will provide constructed-in protection, reducing the opportunity for mold growth to happen within the OSB skin.

One coating option that is used within the wood trade that provides protection against mold is called FrameGuard®, from Arch Chemical. In addition to protecting traditional wood components, FrameGuard can be used to deal with SIPs. The coating is factory-utilized and protects the SIP facing against mold, and in addition towards fungi and time periodite damage. Its mixture of anti -mold fungicides and borate technology makes wood products unsuitable for nourishing termites and fungi which can thrive on untreated surfaces. From the time the building materials arrive on the job site, all through building and after occupancy of the construction, FrameGuard Coating continues to protect the SIP structure and the owner’s investment. Prevention of mold growth means fewer mold spores in the air, contributing to healthier indoor air. The coating also means building owners will not have to fret about problems from wood-destroying organisms. The properties of FrameGuard wood have been widely recognized in trade journals and in environmental circles. It has won a Green Building Award from the National Affiliation of Home Builders, and it is listed in the GreenSpec® directory of environmentally chooseable products.

When building a new house, this is your one likelihood to specify mold-resistant framing and prevent mold problems in the future. Careful collection of building supplies can protect towards future costly repairs on account of mold, fungi and termites.

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