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If the AF is low and he’s abnormally raising then, he probably has a premium hand, but if it’s high and the SD% is high and you have an overpair with something like 99 you might want to look him up. 1 is very very passive, they won’t bet without a set or better most of the time, and even then they’re probably scared that you’ll run away if they fart so they might not bet anyway. What’s his AF? If it’s high he might be the sort of guy who can’t stand to give up a pot once he’s in it — he doesn’t care if his AQ whiffed the flop, he has a VPIP of 12 and thinks every pot belongs to him. Now if you are playing a hand such as AK and you both flop top pair, you can expect to extract a lot of value from these guys as another big weakness of theirs is that when they do hit the flop, they simply can’t fold. Evidently the session of Roulette are not able to be misplaced, you can only draw even. Taking the advantage of this thing, many players come in the middle or the most aggressive session of the game and play at their best.

There are so many tools available today that can help you choose the best tables to play at and what you are looking for are essentially fish (bad poker players) to be sat down and throwing money around. There are two ways of making money from roulette. Now if you are using software like Poker Tracker or Holdem Manager, you can data mine tables before you sit down and play. If you’re in the blinds this stat can help tell you whether you should fold/call/reraise vs. Of course, your preflop info is hardly irrelevant, but look at the most relevant stat FIRST, then turn to other stats to help define his range. Be specific when you consult stats! Anyway, why would you look at preflop stats when you’re thinking about postflop action? AF – Aggression factor is a ratio of aggressive POSTFLOP moves to passive ones. Counting cards in Blackjack simply means that you track or keep in mind the ratio of high cards to the ratio of low cards.

1/2 usually means they limp with their worst hands and raise with their best hands. What bet has the best odds in roulette? Anything over four either means they’ve gotten lucky on every single flop while you’ve been watching them or they have to win every pot and will bet to do so. So “Defend” usually means “three-bet” when we are in EP/MP. The slow movements depict the build up of the song as you are itching for her to carry on and see what she does. You will see your poker results improve dramatically if you follow this simple advice. This should be quite high — at least 70%. If you see something like 30% the player only raises with good hands and is ignorant of how profitable stealing is, maybe he’s decided that it’s the micros and everyone will call anyway so why bother but that’s a stupid thing to get stuck in your head — if they call anyway a cbet on the flop will still take it so often that you really need to be stealing frequently. VPIP – This is how often a player volunteers to put money in the pot and is a good measure of looseness.

On the other side of the coin, if someone has 15 for VPIP and raises early, the flop comes low and action is reasonable until the river when he starts freaking out you don’t have an autofold. If someone has a PFR of 20 but a VPIP of 60 most of the pots they enter they don’t raise, and a raise probably indicates something that’s not total trash. VPIP stands for voluntarily put money in pot and essentially tells you what percentage of hands the guys are playing. This article is going to cover the basics of table selection and the importance of position in no limit texas holdem when playing a tag style of poker (tight aggressive). I’m going to aim this article at beginner poker players playing online that are just learning the tight aggressive style of play and want to explore other ways to increase their win rate. How to count cards in blackjack is a way to increase your chances of winning.

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