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She may remodel into Princess Happy on her own and is capable of using the Cinderella Happy Shower attack. Cinderella and once admitting to have a crush on Peter Pan. She also has a crush on British trade pupil named Brian Taylor. Akane’s father. He runs the okonomiyaki store “Akane”, Diamond Art Canada named after his daughter as a result of it opened after her birth. Akane’s household runs an okonomiyaki restaurant, the place she typically works.

But on his option to his next vacation spot, he runs right into a hurricane that shuts off the power in the ship! She sends Candy to seek for the Pretty Cure with a purpose to recuperate the Cure Decors and restore her energy. The Awakened Power! Rainbow Healing! The leaders and the Akanbe are based mostly on clowns while the commanders (Wolfrun, Akaoni, Diamond Painting Majorina) are based on fairy tale characters. Being overseeing the Three Commanders’ progress, Joker additionally seeks the Miracle Jewel with the intention of destroying it and Diamond Painting Kits UK anything that provides others hopes.

She devises numerous badly-named innovations to use against the girls, often efficient as the result of her fellow commanders thoughtlessly throwing them into the human world. The kingdom of Märchenland (メルヘンランド, diamond painting deutschland Meruhenrando, Saban: Jubiland), the place various characters from fairy tales reside, is attacked by the evil Pierrot (Saban: Emperor Nogo), Diamond Painting who intends to direct its world to have its sad ending, but is stopped when the queen makes use of the last of her power to seal him away.

Once restored, absorbing Joker while creating his military of living shadow monsters, Diamond Art Australia diamond painting deutschland,, Pierrot evolves into a new form and nearly destroys the world until being completely killed by the Pretty Cure.

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