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One of the drawings options a knight on a horse, with Onfim’s identify written next to him, stabbing somebody on the ground with a lance, with students speculating that Onfim pictured himself because the knight. Besides letters and syllables, he drew “battle scenes and drawings of himself and his teacher”. The writings are clearly learning workout routines: Onfim practiced by writing out the alphabet, repeating syllables, and writing psalms-texts that had been presumably familiar to him.

Onfim left seventeen known birch bark objects. Since 1951, more than 1100 items of birch bark with writing on it have been found, and more are dug up each summer. Twelve of these have illustrations, Diamond Painting Art;, 5 only text. The beast both has an arrow with feathers in its mouth or is spewing fire; one of many accompanying texts (the one below the box) says “I’m a wild beast” (the text within the box says “Greetings from Onfim to Danilo”, seemingly a buddy or classmate of Onfim).

Item 206 contains alphabetic exercises and “‘portraits’ of little Onfim and his buddies”. 199 (pictured above; it was originally the bottom of a basket product of birch bark), which comprises an image of a beast with a long neck, pointy ears, and a curly tail. Some 200 kilometres (a hundred and twenty mi) south of Saint Petersburg, the town is surrounded by birch forests, whose bark was used for centuries by the locals for writing since it was tender and simply scratched.

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